President's Message

jul-eIt has been more than one month since we bade farewell to our graduates of 2011. We sent them forth to the field of our Lord in May, we are now ready to welcome back the students who went back home for family reunion during the break and the new students who are to join BTS in July. In this going and coming we have experienced how God has blessed and worked in BTS. In the last graduation ceremony BTS witnessed her record high graduates (total 20 in number). With the start of the new school year 2011-2012 BTS is excited with an enrollment of 57 students from Singapore, Myanmar, Philippine, Malaysia, and China. Indeed God is good to BTS.

God not only blesses BTS richly with the growth in student population, He also does so with the support from Baptist families in Singapore. In the last Council Meeting of the Baptist Convention held on 31 May 2011, the messengers from Baptist churches votedto empower the Executive Committee and the BTS Management Board to raise the bar from $5 million to $10 million (+10%) for securing a permanent premise as BTS home. With the new approved budget and most of all, the blessings from member churches, BTS earnestly prays that the temporary site at Betime (Calvary and Hope) would be the final stop before her entering into the Promised Land since BTS began her pilgrimage nearly thirty years ago.

As the BTS Management Board and the Executive Committee are planning to meet with Church Pastors and Leaders to share new development, BTS would like to express her gratitude to the Pastors, Leaders and alumni of the many Baptist churches for their ceaseless prayer, support and care. We look forward to engaging in dialogue and walking with churches so that together we would be faithful and instrumental in preaching and witnessing His grace and redemption.

BTS is determined to reach out to churches and to partner with them for the advancement of His Kingdom. One of the ways to serve the churches better is to build our faculty team so that our students would be better equipped. While we do not take for granted the labor of our current faithful staff and faculty, we search for teachers who would share the same vision of equipping pastors for churches. We therefore give thanks to God for bringing Ms. Ng Boon Hui to join BTS as a part-time lecturer. Ms. Ng is in the area of biblical studies and will offer courses in Chinese program. We also want to extend our warmest welcome to Professor Gerald Borchert and his wife Dr. Doris Borchert to come back to help BTS again in July as guest lecturer. The Borcherts are renowned and experienced teachers in their field who need no introduction. We trust that God is blessing us through their teachings, wisdom and experiences. As the D.Min program in co-operation with Union University will start in July, Dr. Richard Wells (Vice President for Church Relations and Professor of Ministry and Missions) will conduct intensive courses for both the D.Min program and BTS program. We are grateful for all these lecturers who enable BTS to connect to wider communities and widen her horizon.

With all anticipation and excitement as we welcome the coming of the new school year, let us give thanks for the followings:
1. The students who are returning from their homes and those who are joining BTS;
2. The blessings from member churches as they voted to empower BTS Board to go on for securing a permanent home for BTS;
3. The opportunity for BTS to share her vision with Pastors, Leaders and Alumni;
4. The new and guest lecturer who would make BTS a channel to bless the churches.

Let us also pray humbly before God for the followings:
1. The adjustments of students, in particular the new students would be smooth and fine;
2. The Board and Task Force be filled with wisdom in finding and securing the premise;
3. The spirit of unity and fellowship would guide BTS and churches’ Pastors, Leaders, and Alumni as they meet up for dialogue;
4. The lecturers’ health and their adjustment to the new environment and responsibilities.

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