Pastoral Development Institute

The call to establish a platform for the continuous development of effective pastoral leadership was first officially recognized at the Planning Retreat of our Baptist Theological Seminary, Singapore (BTS) held in Port Dickson on 30 March – 3 April 2005. This Planning Retreat focused on determining the future shape of BTS and was represented by members of the BTS Board of Management, Faculty and Staff, Student Body, and invited leaders within our Baptist community.

Arising from the discussions and consultations was a very clear and unmistakable call of God for BTS to establish an extension arm for the continuous development of effectiveness in pastoral leadership for both present and emerging pastors. This sense of God’s direction for us was affirmed by all present at the retreat.

Thus this Pastoral Development Institute (PDI), from which the Pastoral Effectiveness Enhancement Programme (PEEP) will be launched is the fruit of the deliberate and passionate effort of the leadership of our Baptist Theological Seminary, Singapore to discern and implement practices shaped to enhance the effectiveness of present and emerging pastors. To set in momentum the process towards the establishment of the PDI, our BTS Board of Management instructed the formation of a Working Committee to propose its feasibility and operations.

This Working Committee held its first session on 19 May 2005 with subsequent meetings held on a monthly basis whereby deliberations were focused on the state of our churches today and the possible potentials before us, the rational for the establishment of PDI, the possible roles of the PDI so as to maximize its effectiveness, and the necessary structures required for effective implementation of the programmes.

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