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2014: BTS 25th Anniversary

BTS is celebrating its 25th Anniversary in 2014. The theme is a corporate prayer that is inspired by Habakkuk 3.2:

Lord, I have heard of your fame;

I stand in awe of your deeds, Lord.

Repeat them in our day,

in our time make them known;

in wrath remember mercy.

In this verse, we heard the plea of the prophet for God to glorify Himself again among His people. He first recalled with awe the mighty deeds of God in the past, and then prayed with hope for the same power and glory to be revealed in the future of the nation. BTS wants to do the same as we enter 2014, and invites you to join our prayer and celebrations. In the various events and activities we have planned, we want to once again be in awe of Immanuel, who has achieved great things in our midst, and we want to look with expectant hope to Him who is loving, merciful and powerful for BTS’ next 25 years.

  1. The series of events will begin with a retreat under the theme “Experiencing God”. In this two-days-one-night (10-11 January) retreat at Austin Height Hotel at Malaysia, we pray that the BTS family will remember the God’s amazing guidance in the past and that we will once again experience His faithfulness as we march on for coming years.

  2. BTS’ 25th Anniversary Celebrations is our response to serve churches. In September 2013, we conducted a survey that sought to explore the current status of Baptist churches and pastors in Singapore. The survey showed that our denomination growth was flat for the last five years and our leaders are crying for renewal and rejuvenation, pastoral succession and spiritual leadership. To respond to the challenges, BTS together with Queenstown Baptist Church and The Pastoral Development Institute (PDI) have decided to join hands to hold four training seminars (Pillars of Leadership--POL) to serve the churches and leaders.

    1. Biblical: Probing the Word (15, 22 February)
      Aiming at effectively equip teachers with an overall grasp of the entire Bible.

    2. Theological: Responding to our Environment (10 May)
      Laying out the theological landscape and God-given stewardship toward the arenas of the marketplace and the public square.

    3. Contextual: Understanding our Issues (2 August)
      Articulating and addressing the social and theological issues that the disciples of Jesus face today.

    4. Leadership: Probing our Potential (8 November)
      Aiming at nurturing a new generation of leaders by addressing the essential and the fundamental of leadership.
  3. Another feature of BTS’ 25th Anniversary Celebrations is the BTS Public Lectures, which will also mark a new era for BTS history. From 2014 on, these lectures will be held annually with the purpose that theological insight and church may be connected and mutually enriched. The Lectures will be held in different languages in alternate years.

  4. The climax of the 25th Anniversary Celebrations will be Thanksgiving Dinner and Celebration to be held on 18 October.

BTS’ 25th Anniversary Celebrations are not just an institution’s festive events and activities They are corporate prayer crying out to God that He may renew His deeds in our Day. We therefore invite you to mark your calendar and to join our prayer together asking, “Lord, renew you deeds in our day!”

Let us give thanks to God

  1. That He has worked among us and through us in the past 24 years.
  2. That He continues to call us to respond to and walk with Him.
  3. That He continues to sustain our vision and mission by opening ministry opportunities and partners.


Let us pray to God

  1. That BTS’ 25th Anniversary Celebrations will become a corporate prayer joined by churches.
  2. That God will be honoured and glorified in our prayer and celebrations.
  3. That the series of events will be a milestone for us to look to Him for next 25 years.
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