Quality Education Policies

BTS adheres to the following policies to ensure its quality of education.

Service Guarantee Policy
BTS will protect students through providing clear information in its communication materials regarding course pre-requisites, course content, course costs and refunds available.

Course Requirements Policy
The Seminary is committed to providing clear information regarding the prerequisites and requirements applicable to the various courses.

Information for Prospective Student
The Seminary ensures that students are provided with necessary information prior to the beginning of the course. If the information should change the BTS' office will promptly notify students through email, sms, telephone or letter.

Payment Methods Policy
The Seminary accepts payment made by cheque or by cash. The payment to be made in Singapore dollars.

Accuracy of Charging Policy
The Seminary is committed to having accurate charges for all fees. We are committed to provide students with a list of the course fees and the breakdown thereof.

Non-Tuition Fees Policy
The Seminary is committed to clearly informing students of nontuition fees and the breakdown thereof in its communication materials.

Refund Policy: Withdrawals, Transfers and Refunds
The student has the freedom to withdraw from BTS, or transfer to another school at any point in time. The Seminary will assist the student in signing the necessary documents to effect the withdrawal, cancellation or transfer of the student pass.
If a student withdraws from BTS, the Seminary shall offer a refund to the student within 14 days after receiving the written notice of withdrawal.

Confidentiality Policy
BTS is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of the student's personal information and undertakes not to divulge any of the student's personal information to any third party without the prior written consent of the student. The confidentiality undertaking has the following exceptions:

  • All records are available to the faculty or staff of the Seminary, having legitimate educational concerns.
  • Appropriate information is released to medical personnel when the health of the student or others would be endangered by the withholding of information.
  • Specific data is given to the governmental officials and agencies designated by law, or in compliance with a judicial order.

Curriculum Review Policy
The witness of the Christian community within a dynamic society demands that BTS constantly re-examine its approach to theological education. Periodic assessment may be conducted to review the seminary curriculum. Students will receive advance notice of any changes.