Profile of the BTS Student

The profile of the man or woman who exemplifies the BTS character and spirit can be described in terms of competencies and motivation. The first describes the kinds of attitudes and skills we desire to build in the BTS student. The second describes inspiration that spurs the BTS student on to serve.



BTS seeks to teach and train students to express their discipleship in learning, in uprightness and integrity, in godly speech and practice, in service of churches, in relating to the world, and across cultures.


A. Discipleship in learning

  • To know the content of the Bible and the principles for interpreting it accurately.
  • To understand the Biblical foundations of Christian faith and the Scriptural basis for beliefs and practices.
  • To understand the teaching-learning process in teaching the Christian faith.
  • To understand the foundations for evangelism and ways of starting and growing churches.
  • To competently and critically examine current practices and display the knowledge to initiate change in real life situations.
  • To demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning.


B. Discipleship in uprightness and integrity

  • To make ethical decisions in keeping with Christian principles.
  • To exemplify Christian character and conduct in personal and family life.
  • To demonstrate maturity in interpersonal relationships in life and ministry.


C. Discipleship in godly speech and practice

  • To be devoted to prayer.
  • To be devoted to the study of Scripture.
  • To communicate the Christian faith effectively through preaching, teaching, counseling, witnessing, and writing in a multi-cultural environment.
  • To do personal evangelism and discipleship and train others to do the same.
  • To demonstrate evidence of continuing growth in discipline and spiritual maturity.


D. Discipleship in service of churches

  • To understand the foundations of worship and the implications for teaching, planning and leading meaningful personal and corporate worship
  • To plan and lead church educational ministries
  • To lead and organise an informed missionary outreach program for the church
  • To manage and administer church affairs effectively
  • To counsel people who are experiencing crises and make appropriate referrals for professional help
  • To minister to individuals and groups in times of crisis
  • To demonstrate an ability to lead, train, and mobilise church members to serve in all kinds of ministry settings
  • To demonstrate the ability to identify and train leaders for ministry


E. Discipleship in relating to the world

  • To know and understand global events and trends, and issues people face in society.
  • To articulate the Christian message and contrast that message with other world religions and worldviews.
  • To love one's neighbour as oneself (Luke 10:25-37).


F. Discipleship across cultures

  • To demonstrate an attitude of compassion and an ability to minister in a multi-cultural environment.
  • To gain the skills to discern aspects of culture that are acceptable or unacceptable to Christian life.
  • To work cooperatively and creatively with others in a multi-cultural environment for the common good.



The BTS motto is "Rich toward God, Freely for Him." These words, derived from Jesus' teachings in Luke 12:21 and Matthew 10:8, remind every member of the BTS family that

    • God has blessed us richly with every spiritual blessing in Christ.
    • Our aspiration is to be rich before God and in the things of God, rather than in worldly wealth and position.
    • Our attitude is of constant gratitude and continuous thanksgiving since we have received God's riches freely.
    • We serve God and people freely, with a generous spirit and without thought of personal gain, because we have been the beneficiaries of God's astounding generosity.
    • We can serve in situations where material, financial, and other resources are very limited if we continue to cultivate a rich spiritual life.


The motto therefore describes what we have experienced in life and what we should be doing with our lives. We are convinced that "Rich toward God, Freely for Him" should be a lived-out reality, a vision for life and mission. As the BTS student embraces and internalises this aspiration, it is our sincere desire that he or she will serve out of a deep internal life and a rich spirituality, and many people will come to experience the goodness of God.

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