Story of a Beneficiary

sk_tmpIf you invested $50 thirty years ago, what would be the return you get today? That is what a man, once considered notorious but who found salvation in Christ did. He invested $50 in me. It was just after the worship service and I had shared with the church my testimony of how God called me to ministry and how I would soon be leaving to be equipped at the Malaysia Baptist Theological Seminary. He felt awkward to approach me so he gave the $50 to his sister-in-law to hand to me. I was most reluctant to take it because I knew he was not well to do and this was a big amount of money then. However, his sister-in-law said to me, “Take it. This is his way of serving God. He wants to give it to the Lord by giving it to you.” Hearing that, I accepted the $50 and walked towards him to thank him. His face turned red and he seems embarrassed about his giving.

Before I graduated from Malaysia Baptist Theological Seminary, he was diagnosed with cancer. When I visited him during my term holidays, he would be very happy to see me because he had invested in my training. Thirty years have passed. Every sermon I preached, every lesson I taught, every person I counselled, every life I touched had been a multiplication of his investment in my life. He passed away before he could see me graduate. One day, I will see my Theological Ministry Partner in heaven and I hope he will be happy to see me and to see how his $50 has multiplied through the service of a person he has invested in.

Today, there are those who have given their lives to answer God’s call to the ministry. Let us serve together with them in this spiritual battle for lives. Let us invest in these messengers of the gospel. Let us invest in these lecturers and students by becoming a Theological Ministry Partner. Your investment will spur their obedience and together we will advance God’s kingdom as they take the gospel to the ends of the world.

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