Please pray for us that

  • Our students will continually give themselves to the spiritual and academic disciplines necessary for them to become able handlers and communicators of God’s Word.
  • Our graduates will add meaningfully to the shepherds God has assigned for each church, and to the harvest force that God sends into the world to save the lost.
  • Our faculty and staff will be faithful and diligent in work, and will present an authentic faith expressed in word and deed to everyone they relate with.
  • Our president and management board will continually experience the grace and strength of God to lead the seminary faithfully and wisely.
  • BTS’ relationship with the Baptist family and the larger Christian community will be one characterized by humility and true Christian service.
  • BTS will be able to secure premises that are adequate to help us fulfill our mission of training pastors and co-workers in Singapore and beyond.
    Concern for God’s glory will be foremost in all that we plan and do as a theological institution.

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