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Baptist Theological Seminary has endeavored to ensure that all the information below is current. Prospective candidates should make direct enquiries with the Registrar’s Office to obtain the most recent updates .

Students are expected to register during registration week. Those who are late in registering will be charged a late registration fee of $25. Course (subject) changes made after the registration deadline is subject to the Dean’s approval. Forms may be obtained from the Registrar Office. All students are expected to keep a record of completion of the courses required for their degree program. A schedule of classes for each semester/term can be obtained from the Registrar’s Office.

Completion of Requirements
Students admitted to all degree programs are required to complete them within the expected length of study. For unusual circumstance, students may apply to the Dean for extension beyond the expected date of completion. If approved, only one year of extension will be granted. Part-time status is defined by the number of courses enrolled.

Class Work
All class work is due on the date set by the lecturer. Students can expect a reduction of grade for work submitted late. Work that is two weeks overdue will not be accepted. The basic manual of style for formal papers writing is based on Kate L. Turabian’s most recent edition of A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations. Where Turabian allows for exceptions, lecturers may specify the particular method of documentation he or she requires.

All students are expected to have access to a personal computer. Computers located at the library are for students’ use but priority is given to those who need to work on course assignments.

Class Attendance
Class attendance is compulsory. A 90% class attendance is expected. To be excused from class, the student must obtain an “Absence from Class” Form from the Registrar’s Office. Students who are absent for more than 4 class hours in a 2-credit hour course or 6 class hours in a 3-credit hour course will not receive credit for the course.

The final week of each semester is the week designated for written examinations. All students are required to take the examinations. When students are prevented from taking exams at the scheduled time due to emergency, they are allowed to make up for them. Arrangement must be made with the teachers concerned and the make up must be completed by the second week of the following semester/term.

Grades are designated as follows:

96-100 A 4.0 Excellent
93-95 A- 3.7
91-92 B+ 3.3 Good
88-90 B 3.0
85-87 B- 2.7
82-84 C+ 2.3 Acceptable Work
78-81 C 2.0
75-77 C- 1.7
72-74 D+ 1.3 Marginal Work
70-71 D 1.0
Below 70 F 0.0 Fail

I (Incomplete) - When the course is not completed by the end of the term for acceptable reasons. This grade must be removed by the end of the second week of the following semester/term. Failure to do so changes the grade to “F”

AF (Non-attendance Failure) - Excessive absences or when a student stops attending class

W (Withdrawal) - Withdraws during the first half of the course

Withdrawing from Classes
A student may withdraw from a course with the approval from the respective lecturer and the Dean. Withdrawal should be done within the second and eight week of the Semester. Student had to write in for application and will receive a “W” grade for that course. However, if the course dropped was not approved, and the student failed to meet the course requirements, he or she will receive an “F” grade for that course.

The student has the freedom to withdraw from the Seminary or,transfer to another institution at any point in time. Withdrawal from the program or transfer to another institution must be made in writing and addressed to the Dean of Academic Studies. The Seminary will assist in the necessary documents to effect a withdrawal, transfer, and/or in the cancellation of the Student Pass. When deferment is applied and approved, reinstatment is required before studies can resume.

Transfer Within the Seminary
A student is not allowed to transfer from a lower degree to a higher degree program, e.g., from a Bachelor program to a Master program.

Transfer of Courses
Students enrolled in the regular program may be allowed to transfer up to a maximum of 8 credits for M.Div., 12 credits for B.Th., for courses not offered within the period when the student needs to graduate. However, the new course must be the same as the student’s program. Students need to seek approval and submit the course description and syllabus of the course they took.

Application for Program Change
Application for a change of program of study is treated as a new application.

Repeating Courses
Repeat of course is only allowed if a student has received an “F” grade in that course. Students will not be allowed to register for a course for which they have already received a passing grade. The grade for repeating a course will count for a student’s grade point average. All entries on the transcript remain a part of the student’s permanent record.

Academic Probation
Students who fail a course during a semester or who fail to maintain the required Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.3 will be put on probation in the following semester. They will receive counsel from the Dean regarding their studies at BTS. In such cases, the students will be expected to work on improving their grades. Failure to do so may warrant withdrawal.

Academic Suspension
Failure to maintain a semester average of 2.3 GPA during the semester of academic probation will result in suspension.


A student who has been placed on suspension is eligible to apply for re-enrollment after a calendar year has lapsed. Applying for reinstatement must be addressed in writing to the Registrar and the application form must be received a month before registration starts. For every reinstatement, a fee of $50 will be incurred. Former students who wish to continue studying must contact the Registrar.

Graduation Requirements
Application for graduation must be made two semesters prior to the graduation.Graduating students must have completed the requirements outlined in the curricula and settled all financial obligations. It is possible that a student may not be recommended for graduation even though the requirements of the prescribed degree program have been fulfilled.

Degrees are conferred only in May every year at the graduation ceremony. Attendance is mandatory for both the rehearsal and the graduation exercise. Permission to graduate in absentia must berequested in writing from the Academic Dean two months prior to graduation.

The first copy of transcript is issued free of charge to graduating students. Requests for all other copies must be made in writing to the Registrar. A fee will be charged for each copy made and for postage.

The Borchert Book Prize is given to students who do the best work in Biblical Studies.

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