International Students

It is the policy of the Seminary to encourage overseas Baptist applicants to study at the Baptist Seminary of their own country, unless special circumstances make it necessary or more advantageous for them to study in Singapore. With this understanding, BTS welcomes students from all countries. Applicants must meet all the admission requirements and follow the application procedure. In some cases, the Seminary may require additional documents or processes to help assess whether the applicant is suitable for admission to the course he or she applied for.
Application Process
Summary of procedure for an international student’s application:

Step 1 Receive Materials
  • Application form

  • Estimated costs & living expenses

Step 2 Apply to BTS

  • Send Application Form, TOEFL score, Medical Exam Form, and application fees

Step 3 Gain Provisional Acceptance

  • Fulfill conditions for admission

  • Receive Letter of Acceptance (Provisiona)

Step 4 Confirmation of Acceptance

  • Receive Letter of Acceptance for admission

  • Submit student pass (Application to be done On-line)

Step 5 ICA Sends In-Principle Approval

  • Student ready to enter Singapore and commence study

Please note the following:

Application forms, TOFEL score, Medical Exam Form and Application Fees must received by BTS by 1 April.

Successful applicants will receive a Provisional Letter of Acceptance requiring the fulfilment of the following:

  • Letter from sponsor

  • Bank draft equivalent to one year’s study and living expenses

  • Affidavit from bank to certify financial ability to pay for remaining years of study and living expenses

Upon receipt of the Letter of Acceptance, the successful applicant may submit an on-line application for Student Pass.

Purchase of insurance under the Student Protection Scheme (SPS) will be made on behalf of student. This is required for Student Pass
application. The cost is borne by the student.

Once the Immigration and Checkpoint Authority (ICA) posts the In-Principle Approval (IPA) online, successful applicant is ready to enter
Singapore to commence study.

Seminary Requirements

Initial Orientation
Prior to arrival international students will receive information regarding campus location, transportation, communication, cost of living, clothing and food, climate, medical facilities, and pertinent cultural facts about Singapore. Upon arrival, further assistance will be provided to help orient new students to living in Singapore.

As the Seminary does not have facilities to house students, international students must be responsible for securing their own accommodation in Singapore. BTS will, however, help the student to settle in by providing airport pick-up, and arrange temporary housing with a Christian family until permanent accommodation could be found. International students must thus plan to arrive in Singapore two weeks before term starts.

Cultural Adaptation
As Singapore is multi-cultural and multi-religious, international students should learn the various cultural and religious sensitivities of the nation. International students whose second language is English will be expected to engage in an ongoing program of increasing English language proficiency. Periodically, remedial English courses will be offered by BTS. As there is no guarantee when and how often these courses will be offered, international students bear ultimate responsibility for improving their written and oral English language skills during their course of study. Improvement and progress will be expected and monitored during the course of study.

Church Affiliation
International students should find a church home within two months of arrival for studies at BTS. As ministry involvement is a part of the necessary training, international students should be engaged in local church ministries at some level during the course of their studies. Those having difficulty finding a church home while in Singapore should consult the Seminary’s International Student Committee for assistance.

English Proficiency
As part of the admissions procedure, applicants from non-English speaking cultures are required to take either the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOFEL) and obtain a minimum of 550 points (or 213 computer based points), or the IELTS test and obtain a band score of 5 and above. Applicants need to arrange for the test results to be sent directly to the Seminary.

Financial Standing
Applicants must give evidence of having secured adequate financial support for the full course of their studies before being admitted to BTS. International students should not solicit funds from local churches while studying at BTS. The Seminary will not in any case act as a sponsor for an international student unless the student has been granted a scholarship or financial aid.

Immigration Requirements

Visa Requirements
Students from China, India, Myanmar, Bangladesh and Vietnam need a visa to enter Singapore (apply from their home country). Students from other countries need to check from or a Singapore diplomatic office whether visa is required.

International Student Pass
International Students are required to possess valid student passes issued by Singapore Immigration for the duration of their study. The Seminary will assist the successful applicant in making an online application. The processing of student pass application by the ICA takes 4-6 weeks.

Approval of the student pass is subject to the following conditions:

    • The results of the applicant’s medical examination are satisfactory and;
    • The verification of applicant’s original documents with the copies submitted in the Student’s Pass application is satisfactory. The student pass must be returned to the Seminary one week after graduation or upon withdrawal from Seminary for cancellation.


Security Deposit
Before collecting the student pass, international students may be required to furnish the ICA a Security Deposit of varying amount. The Security Deposit can be made in the form of Banker’s Guarantee or Cashier’s Order. Students from China, India, Myanmar and Bangladesh need to place a Security Deposit of $5000. Students from Malaysia and Brunei do not required a Security Deposit. See ‘financial informations’ for the details of the amounts for various countries’ student.

The Security Deposit for international students is refundable at the end of the student’s period of study. The Seminary is not responsible for securing a sponsor to underwrite the Security Deposit.

Long-term Social Visit Pass
Each accompanying family member requires a long-term social visit pass. To apply for this pass, the student pass and a copy of the marriage certificate are required. The student is responsible for subsequent pass renewal. Failure to renew before the expiry date will result in a hefty fine.

Health Care
All international students are advised to purchase individual health insurance coverage for the duration of their study in Singapore. The
premium varies according to the type of coverage sought. The cost is borne by the student.

Cost of Visa, Pass and Health Screening
All costs pertaining to visas, passes and health screening will be borne by the student. The application fee for a student visa is $30. Student pass application and renewal is $40 per transaction. Charges for the medical check-up range between $40 and $70, depending on the choice of clinical laboratory visited.

Financial Assistance
In cases of financial emergencies or difficulties, international students should first inform the International Student Committee at BTS of their need. While BTS does not guarantee financial assistance of any kind, the seminary will provide counsel and direction to students during financial emergencies or difficulties.

Singapore Immigration laws forbids student pass holders and long-term social visit pass holders to engage in any form of paid employment. A breach of the law may result in forfeiture of security deposit, cancellation of student pass and repatriation.

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