Registration Procedures

New students will register for classes during orientation week. Registration for the next semester's classes will commence two weeks before the end of the current semester. All currently enrolled students need to finalize registration by the end of the last week of the current semester.

Identity (ID) cards

Student Identity cards are issued during orientation week. Some Christian book stores may give a discount if an ID is shown.


For students enrolling for the first time, individual pictures are required before registration is complete. The size of the photograph must be 35 millimetres in width and 45 millimetres in height without borders, and taken not more than 3 months ago. One photo to be pasted on the Application for Admission form, and one for the student ID card.

Information Changes

During the semester, any change in a student's address, student's marital status, or other pertinent data should be reported immediately to the Registrar's Office.

New Student Orientation

All newly enrolled students are required to attend the New Student Orientation. International students should plan to arrive two weeks before term starts.

The Orientation lasts about a week during which time you will meet the faculty and staff, and be briefed on academic and student body life. Administrative procedure with regards to course registration, requests for absence from class, etc., will be dealt with.

Students will be required to undergo a compulsory profile assessment for which $50 is payable, and an individual follow-up sessions with the counsellor. This will help the faculty to understand the new student and help he or she prepare to be effective for ministry.

Student Protection Scheme

BTS has adopted the Student Tuition Fee Insurance Scheme by NTUC Income Insurance. This is compulsory for all international students.

This scheme seeks to protect students' fees in case BTS becomes insolvent and is unable to continue operation. Students must bear the insurance cost which is capped at 3% of full tuition fees.

Student Grievance Procedure

Seminary policy grants to the administration and faculty of BTS the authority to develop and administer the processes for study and other issues related to student life. Students are expected to conform to the expectations and standards of performance and conduct. The same polity that establishes the governance of administrative and academic affairs, however, allows the student the means to seek recourse from what they consider to be unfair or unjust evaluation.

Before completing the following application for redressing grievance, the student should:

  • Review documents that address the situation - syllabi, policies, and procedures, etc.
  • Prayerfully consider the validity of the grievance.
  • In keeping with Matthew 18, discuss the issue with the lecturer or staff involved. If the issue cannot be resolved at this level, then the student should follow the Student Grievance Process.

It is the policy of the Seminary to evaluate seriously student grievances and resolve the problem brought up by the student. Procedures are established below for addressing student grievances in academic issues, administrative issues relating to process or procedures, and ethical conduct issues.

Fill in a Grievance Form obtainable from the Admin Office or download one from The Dean (Academic issues) or Administrator (Administrative issues) will respond within three working days.

If the matter could not be resolved, then it would be brought to the President.