Admission Categories

Full-time Students

These students are enrolled in a degree program taking a full load of courses offered at each semester, as well as participating in all seminary activities. International students holding Singapore Student Passes are required to be on full-time status.

Part-time Students

These students are enrolled in a degree program taking fewer number of courses scheduled in a semester/term. They are involved in mentoring and Ministry Enrichment Hour (MEH) sessions on Friday. Students enrolled in the MA. Christian Studies, MA. Intercultural Studies and M.Div. (Advanced Track) may study on a part-time basis. They are to make known their intention to study on a part time basis when they apply for admission into the seminary. All students are required to participate in all activities/meetings organized by the seminary for students.

Special Students

These are students who take courses with credits but are not enrolled in any BTS degree programme. They will receive individual notification of their result in each subject upon completion of class requirements. 

Non-degree Students

Lay Leadership Development program and Audit Students are considered non-degree students.

  • Lay Leadership Development: Students enrolled in non-credit certificate program are expected to fulfill class assignments and attend all the classes.
  • Audit students: Degree students and their spouses, alumni, and Christian leaders may audit courses with the permission of the lecturer and academic dean. Minimum entry prerequisites apply. All audit students must maintain regular class attendance but course work will not be assigned and academic credits will not be given.

Language Proficiency

To be effective in ministry, a student must gain proficiency in English and develop confidence in communicating with others. Applicants should be able to speak, write, and conduct day-to-day conversations in keeping with the standards of proper English. Whenever necessary, applicants will be advised to improve their language proficiency before reapplying to BTS, or to attend remedial (non-credit) English language courses as part of requirements of their studies at BTS.

Transfer of Credits

Transfer of course credits received from accredited theological institutions may be accepted as partial fulfillment of study program requirements. Request for a transfer credit evaluation must be done during the application stage.

Only courses with a B-grade or higher and of an equivalent standard will be considered for transfer. To request for transfer, submit the following items to the Registrar office:

  • a completed BTS Transcript Evaluation Form
  • official transcripts to be evaluated
  • copy of catalog course descriptions of all courses to be evaluated
  • copy of BTS catalogue degree plan of courses to be evaluated
  • a fee of $50 for 1-3 course evaluation

Only courses which are substantially equivalent to the BTS courses could be considered for credit transfer. The evaluation and approval are determined by the dean of the school.

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