Seminary Life

The devotional and spiritual life of the students is an important area where individual and corporate nurturing is encouraged. Students participate in chapel services and prayer meetings. Besides involving them in meaningful worship, such times provide opportunities for them to lead and share. The chapel hour, in particular, gives students an additional opportunity to hear and learn from various specially-invited local and overseas guest speakers.

Events like fellowship meetings/meals, birthday celebrations, and annual faculty-student retreats help to foster the strong family spirit in the Seminary. Students enjoy good relationships with staff and faculty members, and are welcomed to approach any member of the faculty for counsel and consultation on academic or personal matters.

Discipline and a sense of responsibility are inculcated in the students as they carry out cleaning and other duties each week. In addition, each student is put on a roster to assist in the library.

To ensure that students apply what they have learned, they are required to be involved in meaningful ministry in a church setting. This allows them to experience the real demands and challenges of ministry without developing an “ivory-tower” mentality. Such exposure helps students gain confidence and competence.

Students are also exposed to other learning opportunities as they participate in events like field education excursions, mission trips, Convention-sponsored activities, and visits to various churches. Such involvement, though not compulsory unless part of a course requirement, is strongly encouraged.

A student body committee is elected every year to coordinate student activities and care for the general well-being of the students. The committee also serves as a liaison between students and faculty on official matters, and committee representatives are often invited to share input on seminary matters. Every effort is made to ensure that students find meaningful experiences in their seminary pilgrimage.

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