President's Message


2013: A Year of Joyous Response
We started 2012 with the excitement and anticipation of moving into the new Baptist Centre.  Now that the Baptist Centre is a reality, we are to embrace 2013 with a different kind of excitement and anticipation.  We are excited about the opportunity of serving the region and we anticipate that our ministry will be instrumental in equipping godly servants for churches and organizations, and in strengthening partnerships among Christian communities to advance the vision of God’s love for His creation.

Baptist Theological Seminary has been rich towards God and it is a right response to give of ourselves freely for Him.  In December 2012, two groups of BTS students led by our lecturers went to the northern parts of Thailand and the Philippines for mission trips.  The trips exposed students to real needs in the field and helped them to appreciate cultural differences and to integrate what they have learned in the classroom.  The trips are an essential part of our curriculum which aims at not only providing information but also shaping the right character and mindset for the Kingdom.

BTS’ partnership with Union University (Tennessee, USA) will enter the third year of the cooperation this year.  Since the partnership commenced in 2010, both institutions have been blessed and we are exploring ways to make this partnership even more fruitful.  Recently BTS has also connected with theological institutions in the region to partner in equipping servants of God.   While we are grateful for the opportunities of ministry and partnership that are opened to us, we also need to pray and to articulate sustainable ways and means so that this vision of serving our Lord will be shared by the Baptist family and wider communities of faith.  From 24th to 25th January, the Board of Management and Faculty will have a joint retreat where we will pray together and seek ways that will enable BTS to serve with joy and strength.   Our God is faithful.  He has been leading us through and preparing us for the immense opportunities of serving Him and His churches.  As we are ready to embrace 2013 with excitement and anticipation, I invited you to join our adventure, and respond to God with joy and faith. 

Let us give thanks to God

  1. That He has provided us wonderful partners to serve His cause.
  2. That He continues to provide opportunities for BTS to serve in Singapore and in the region.

Let us pray to God

  1. That we will be faithful to what He has bestowed on us.
  2. That we will be able to articulate our vision and ministry clearly.
  3. That more partners will come share our vision.

Sun Poling, 2013 Jan

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